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Il Sentiero degli Dei
connects Agerola, a small town on the hills of the Amalfi Coast, in Nocelle, a hamlet of Positano clinging to the slopes of Monte Pertuso.

The name is enough to make you understand the spectacular nature of the path: follow it in the direction that goes from Agerola to Nocelle in order to walk slightly downhill and face the panorama of the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

To know before you start walking:
Place of departure: Agerola or Praiano.
Place of arrival: Nocelle, a fraction of Positano.
Journey time: about 3 hours.
Kilometers: 7.8 km.
Degree of difficulty: mild. The path is to be discouraged for those suffering from vertigo.
Where to take the Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods starts from Bomerano, a hamlet of Agerola.
To reach Agerola there are the Sita buses that leave from Amalfi, ask the driver to show you the Bomerano stop.
From there follow the road signs that will take you to the entrance of the path.

The Path of the Gods can also be reached from Praiano but it is necessary to face a long flight of steps to go from the sea level to 580 meters of height to get to the pass of Colle Serra.

Follow the path of the Gods

The route is marked with white and red signs with the word 02.

From Colle Serra you take a first downhill stretch until you reach a fountain: on the left you will find the mule track that goes up from Praiano, while on the right you continue along the Sentiero degli Dei.
Below you will notice the Convent of San Domenico, which instead is on the road when you climb from Praiano.

From this point the landscape changes: from a vegetation made of a few bushes and grass, where sheep and goats often meet in the pasture, we pass to the Mediterranean scrub of holm oaks, strawberry trees, heather and rosemary.
At this point the trail becomes more tortuous, through ascents, descents and vertigo views passing the Vallone Grarelle up to the village of Nocelle, a hamlet of Positano.

In ancient times Nocelle was reachable only on foot along a steep staircase that rose from Positano.
Today you can decide whether to go by bus or on foot for the 1500 steps that will take you to the locality Arienzo.
If it's summer, it's worth taking another 300 steps to get off on Arienzo beach and enjoy a refreshing swim.
From Arienzo, following the SS 163 for about 1 kilometer you will be in the center of Positano.

Our advice
Agerola is famous for fiordilatte, a particular type of fresh mozzarella.
Before taking the path stop in a delicatessen in the country to buy focaccia and fior di latte: you can stop along the way for a small picnic worthy of the gods!
If you prefer a more substantial meal, once you have passed the village of Nocelle, continue for about 1 km along the recently built road, until you reach La Tagliata restaurant, where you can have lunch on a terrace overlooking the sea and Capri .

Do you want to tackle the path with an expert guide? The Carto Trekking association organizes guided excursions along the Amalfi Coast paths.

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